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Originally Posted by NWShark View Post
Sorry but I didn't miss the point. I would rather be thin at forward than D. With Murray we have 7 legit NHL D-men. It would be better to have 8 because injuries do happen. If Hannan were the 8th I could somewhat live with that but I would rather have Vandy instead. If Hannan is 7th, one injury to the top 6 puts hannan in the lineup regulary which to me would be devastating to the defense whether he played 20 mintues or we had to play the good defenseman too much to cover up for his lack of contribution.

Zues is playing on this team next season barring a trade. No ifs ands or butts. He is your 3rd line center unless Desi outplays him in camp or if they plan to put Wingels back at center or move pavs down and go 3 scoring lines. Frankly, I think Zeus rebounds so a line with him and Burrish and Wingles or TJ is fine to me. Not great but they should have enough speed and work ethic to do well. The spring before the sharks signed Zeus he played incredibly well against us in the first round of the playoffs. No reason he can't get back to that level.

I would rather trade Clowe than Murray. Better return and better chance to upgrade the overall pace that the top 6 will play at. Clowes fighting and hitting can be replaced. His points will be replaced by a combo of whoever they get for him as well as more games out of Havlat and another season of development by COuture. Murray is rarity on the back end as someone who can pretty much deck anyone in the league no matter how big.

So no, I don't trade murray and bring in a washed up Hannan. Vandy is a big body too so if you want to trade murray, bring back vandy and fill the 8th D with Pelech if he's ready (can fight), that's fine. But I still trade clowe because he'll actually be worth something to another team.

As far as burrish, he's been playing as a 3rd liner the last 2 years and doing very well according to the stat guys. All this talk of him being on the 4th line is silly at this point. He wasn't signed to play on the 4th line.
Agree with the bold.

And unless DW has a plan to resign Clowe for 3mil or less and Murray for 1.5, they both should be traded for assets because next summer SOMEBODY will throw $$ at both of them. Maybe due to the labor issues DW hasnt pulled the trigger yet but I believe he has something planned and Clowe/Murray probably dont spend halloween in San Jose.

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