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Originally Posted by HiEverybody View Post
Hi Everybody!

So I haven't played hockey in over 15 years, and am starting back up this fall. Needless to say I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to the new composite sticks. Anyway, I found a website that was selling older model sticks for much cheaper and ended up purchasing a Sher-wood RM19 AD composite stick. I don't know what any of that means, but it looked/sounded cool so I went for it! The description said that the stick had a 63" (5'3") shaft, and I didn't think much of it since I'm 5'5" (without skates on). Then I realized that the shaft dimensions don't include the blade! Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to hack off 8-10 inches just to use this stick! Question: Is this going to seriously effect the sticks performance/durability? Am I better off trying to return the stick and get a shorter one?

Back in the day with wood/aluminum sticks it didn't much matter. Chop it where you need to and go have fun. Now I'm reading about all these kick/flex points with the new composites, and am wondering if I made a mistake. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
Yes. You will throw off a bunch of things by hacking off 8-10 inches off the shaft. Go return it and get a smaller one

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