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04-29-2006, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by TheRocket
Sorry Mike, but I think you need to take some medicine before posting on this board. Each time someone disagrees with you, you start going personal. Grow up. You are much better than that.
No, I don't 'go personal' when someone disagrees with me. I have no problems with anyone disagreeing with me. But, there's a few issues I do have:

1) if someone states their opinion as fact (ie. Miller Time definitively stating Ribeiro could add weight and not have it be detrimental to other parts of his game--ie. skating, his ability to be elusive, et al.). Miller Time could be right. But his opinion is formed by watching Ribeiro on TV, and apparently having some knowledge on the topic. Either way, he doesn't have any intimate knowledge about Ribeiro's status in the weight room, so why claim that he knows definitively what Ribeiro should be doing?

I am confident the Canadiens have a firmer grasp of what Ribeiro's flaws are, and what he needs to improve upon. I am also confident that had Ribeiro been showing no signs of improvement in his training program that he would be in the coach's doghouse--and he hasn't been.

2) Condescending posts. In this case, Miller Time insisted his opinion--which may or may not be valid, there's no substantial information that we have access to in order to accurately know--is right, and that others' are ridiculous.

When I realized Miller Time was a child in this regard, I decided to bow out of the argument and deleted my own post before it escalated any further. Unfortunately he saw my post before I deleted it, then continued the discussion in his continued condescending tone. He baited me, and I bit, so it unfortunately continued.

BTW - one thing I do agree with Miller Time about is that this has nothing to do with hockey and should not be on this forum. Any issues on this topic should be brought up in private.

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