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08-20-2012, 08:10 PM
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Price: Metro Vancouver what do expect? As of now, everything is inflated. 3/10

Character: Zero night life, indifferent people, some good parks and recreation but hard to find, community is just meh 3/10

Food: One of the better attributes. Very diverse, easy to find a donair shop, sushi place or just fast food. 8/10

Safety: Only property crime happens if you are not cautious enough. Still it's Canada you can leave your door unlocked all day and there is a very good chance you don't get robbed. Violent crime you have to usually look for yourself, just keep your mouth shut, you should be fine. Bears not a real concern. 8/10

Transit: Real easy to get out of this place. Though buses can be pretty late sometimes. 7/10

Amentities: We got a library and a rec center within a stone's throw. Parks scattered all around and a wharf within walking distance. Not bad, not great though. 5/10

Diamond in the rough: Go to any donair place. There's your diamond. 9/10

Mary Hill area of Port Coquitlam

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