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Originally Posted by Pyrophorus View Post
... ya, and O'Connors' absolutely correct IMO, thats reality. There simply arent enough big name touring acts capable of filling that many dates in a building of that size, and if you pare it down to smaller configurations in terms of seating capacities your not turning the same kind of money obviously.

Secondly, you have a suburban location, not the most ideal situation when you consider your competing against the ACC with ease of access via public transit with the subway & or GO terminals and the smaller Ricoh on the CNE grounds, also easy to access by public transit.

Then theres the little matter of the possibility of finding yourself in a bidding war with MLSE over bookings. Thats one battle you'd definitely want to avoid. Absent an anchor tenant, and the AHL sure wont cut it; forget about another NBA franchise; the novelty of a 20 game Arena Football Season & or Lacrosse, without an NHL franchise quite specifically your just treading water, and swallowing plenty of it.

The developers & investors just absolutely have to know this, be fully aware of it, yet their not prepared to admit it publicly, wont do so & then feign "surprise" when Riley calls them out on it in voicing his concerns? Obviously theres' just got to be something going on beneath the surface, behind the curtain, directly with the NHL. Im not buying it, that they think they can just build a state of the art NHL arena & then call it a "Concert & Event Facility". Either the fix is in or these guys are dreaming in technicolor thinking that building isnt going to be a huge drain on their own & the cities resources booking nothing but concerts & events. Good luck with that.

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