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08-20-2012, 08:55 PM
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I took my daughter to stick time today, it was her second time at stick & puck. The first time was absolutely awful, she fell every 30 seconds, there were tears involved and she did NOT want to listen to anything I said.

Today she stayed up for the most part, we were able to do quite a bit of passing between us, and she got in the line and took some shots on the net. There were a bunch of teen/preteen boys there and they were really nice to her, let her go in and take her shot even though she was really slow and was lucky to even get it near the net. After a while the goalie left and she went up to take a shot, it went wide, and another boy caught it and passed it back to her so she could try again. She made it in and several of them cheered and beat their sticks on the ice. She was so happy, a huge grin on her face, and the first thing she told her dad when we got home was "I got to shoot at the net and I made it in!"

I saw another kid skating who probably wasn't too much ahead of her - he wasn't all that comfortable with a stick yet, and he was working on crossovers. He was pretty wobbly - so he hasn't been skating for too long.

I was kind of dreading it since last time was such a fiasco, but I'm glad I took her tonight. Not only did she improve, I was able to work on my skating and FINALLY get a crossover in the clockwise direction. I've been able to do right over left for a few weeks now but the left over right has just not happened for me - mental block, thick legs, whatever the reason. So I am happy with that turn of events.

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