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08-20-2012, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Eyes of Orpik View Post
Let me ask you and everyone who thinks he will leave a question?

What has he done or said to hint that he wants out? It's all opinion and speculation by people that don't want him on the Penguins and you guys tell Penguins fans they're wrong for thinking Malkin will stay?

"I shouldn't make more money than Sidney Crosby".

"I hope they sign me, too".

"I want to stay in Pittsburgh"

"I like Penguins hockey, Penguins organization and fans".

What more do you guys need, he makes $8.7M, if he thinks he shouldn't make more than Crosby he will take that same amount of money. He's not a 2C, Him and Crosby are more like 1a and 1b centers. Malkin still gets quality minutes. As for wingers? He has the best winger on our team, a pretty good one in James Neal.

He has also said that he doesn't mind playing 2nd line center behind Crosby, he believes Crosby is a better player than him, he doesn't want the spotlight.

So... Why exactly should he want to leave again?
i think your missing the point.

like you say, everything malkin has ever said indicates he wants to stay in pittsburgh.

however, it is not unusual in professional sports for an athlete (even a character, stand up guy like malkin) to say all the right things, but when ultimately offered a huge amount of money (which the pens may be able to match), they end up leaving.

words, in this setting, can be worthless.

its annoying to see other fans say malkin should/will leave, but its equally annoying (to me at least) to hear pens fans guarantee hell resign in pittsburgh.

i dont think pens fans appreciate how lucky they are to have a guy like sid sign a great deal like he did. to have two such players sign such deals... that would be quite remarkable.

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