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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
The same arguments could have been said for Martin Saint Louis, who scored 40 points in his first full NHL season. He was 25, same as Desharnais.

I'm not claiming Desharnais is going to score 100pts next year but I'm sure he's not peaked. Perhaps he'll score 70pts or maybe he won't score many more than last year but is going to be more effective at both ends of the ice. One thing is Desharnais has always improved his weaknesses. They said he was too weak, he got stronger. They said he was too slow, he got faster. They said he couldn't win faceoffs, he wins them now. He doesn't shoot enough, perhaps he will shoot more often next year, and score more goals (he doesn't have a bad shot, he should use it more often). Besides Desharnais is still learning the NHL - age affects the body and Desharnais will never grow into a hulking beast. He still gets experience tho and his mind has always been his best weapon, I'm sure he can learn a lot more and be even more effective.
and of all the thousands of players to ever skate in the NHL, how many more can you name ?

let's try this : undrafted, 1st full season at 25, at least one season with 70+ pts... how many ?

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