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08-20-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
His contract is bad due to injury concerns, not the long-term kind of but the J.S Giguere, Vokoun kind. Where when he hits his mid-30's and he's out for 10-20 games due to a groin injury and possibly becomes injury prone. Then you're stuck with him and cant trade him but he still only plays 40-50 games a year. Not a big issue to me but it's just an example.

The contract is definitely hindering his value to a team like Florida making them a little more lukewarm on him due to money reasons. Although I don't think it's a major issue.
first 2 you admit aren't an issue.

Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
Also your last point isn't all that great. It would make sense if there were a lot of buyers on the market, but right now and for the forseeable future there are really only 2-3 teams in the mix.[/B]
My last point was: There is none of this " I don't want him because of his contract, but I'll take him if I can get him for cheap" garbage. They would still be paying the same contract! ------ I don't think you get it. They either don't want him at all, or they are full of crap and are just playing the "you ask high, I ask low" game. Gillis has said that he's comfortable going into next season with two #1's. Luongo's trade wishes aren't more important than the team. How long did it take to move Nash after he wanted to be dealt? The Turris situation.... if they can wait for the right deal, so can the Canucks.

Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
If they have at least alright goaltending and Gillis holds onto his high price, don't expect them to cave, they'll simply look for other options.
What other bona-fide #1's are available?

Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
I dont see why they cant out-wait van,what happens when Luongo gets really unsatisfied, what happens when he's still sitting there next summer when he hits 34. His value will only drop once you get to about the deadline.
Then Luongo will have to expand his trade possibilities. He's handcuffed himself at that point. Canucks "own" him, not the other way around.

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