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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
The fact of the matter is goalie stats don't rate the goalie.
Keep writing volumes of trivia and declaring your opinions are fact and maybe you'll convince one other person. Give your totally subjective list of the five best goalies in the NHL and let's see where their GAA and SV% rank. Lundqvist is just a residual of Torterella's Trap and the Rag$ shot blocking emphasis? Quick is only good because LA has a solid D and D first system? Same for Rinne - only good because he had Weber and Suter and a defensivley responsible cast of characters in front of him? Where did their GAA and SV% rank? Those three didn't help their team win, they were really interchangeable with Joe Blow from wherever? If so, with who?

You like trivia numbers. Look at the last five years of Vezina Finalists and tell us who the Finalists really should have been since GAA and SV% is meaningless.

No one is denying that the system a team plays has an influence on the GAA and SV%, but over a season, the GAA and SV% is the best objective measure of a goalie's performance that we have.

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