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Originally Posted by CB Joe View Post
Experts and fans said the same thing about the likes of Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, and Pitkanen too.

You can throw out all the stats you like, but sometimes young players have tremendous success in their first few years and settle down into a solid player, but not the player a lot of people thought they would become.
So it means nothing that he is one of only fifteen defenders in the entire NHL to put up very good offensive and defensive stats? It means nothing that he plays a shutdown role against the other teams' top line at even strength and on the PK? It means nothing that he is supposedly so bad defensively that he ended up a +9 on the third worst team in the NHL? All of the numbers and those of us who watch him for almost 82 games per year are wrong, but you are somehow right just because it is your opinion? You say he is over hyped, offer nothing of substance to back it up other than an off hand insult to people who watch him because they are idiots who get impressed by a spin move, and all of us who have watched and analyzed hockey for almost 4 decades are supposed to bow down to your wisdom? Get real.

Subban is not the best defenceman in the league. He is not yet a top 10 defenceman in this league. He is in the discussion for top 20. That makes him a #1, first pairing defenceman in the NHL. Heck, even if he was only rated 28th (as per's rankings), that still qualifies him as a top pairing #1 defender. The fact that he is not simply an offensive or defensive specialist makes him more valuable as a defender, not less.

I also wonder at your statement that Phaneuf is not a top defender in this league. 44 points (12th in the league), over 200 hits (7th in the league), over 100 blocked shots (55th in the league), playing over 25 minutes per night (6th in the league) without a lot of great players around him and some pathetic goaltending. You really do not actually understand what makes a great defender in the NHL, do you? Phaneuf is easily a top 15 defender in the NHL.

Now, yes, it is possible that Subban will not surpass what he has done so far. It is also possible he WILL surpass what he has done so far. Try to have an actual, informed opinion next time, rather than just an opinion.

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