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08-21-2012, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by ProstheticConscience View Post
Get ready to learn to like us. You'll be working for one of us when you graduate high school and have to find a job.
Don't you mean if?

Best way to improve your grammar and spelling, invest in a half decent smart phone.
Personally have found my spelling has improved tenfold since buying my first smart phone.

On the thread, I mostly agree with the basics of the posts (past the ghastly spelling and grammar) one that sticks out is Colorado, no way do they not beat one of, let alone both of Alberta teams. Edmonton still doesn't have the structure or defense to compete for more than 5th worst at best in the League. Also Calgary is due for a down year from both Kipper and Iggy in the same year, Iggy scores 50, Kipper plays sub par. Kipper posts best stats since the Cup run and Iggy has like a 36 goal year. I see this year as the finale of the Flames semi competitive team before the tank seasons come.

Also you mention the West as the East a couple times in the East reasonings. Otherwise pretty bang on with the consensus on the standings.

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