Thread: Proposal: Van/Chi then Van/Was
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08-21-2012, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Intense Rage View Post
Crawford no, the first yes. Considering what we ended with our 1st this year I would not risk trading the first for a player who would improve us in the regular season but also be an enigma in the playoffs. Lets not forget its not just Crawford and a first, we are also including Hammer.
I have to ask since you root for the Hawks.
Doesn't the fact that you have a Conn Smythe top line center kind of negate the fact that you'd also need a Conn Smythe quality tender who get you back to where you were?

I know Lu isn't the end all of great goalies, but he'd be the best you've had since Khabby found that extra gear the one year and still couldn't get past Detroit.
I think a quality tender like Lu who yes does have faults, but behind a Conn Smythe center, a Norris Dman and his close to Norris partner in crime also on D along with 2 other world class offensive forwards like Kane and Hossa. Just seems your team would be head and shoulders above the rest of the league IMHO.

Pitts doesn't have 2 Norris quality Dman, Philly has none. Rangers dont have 2 Norris quality Dmen either, but the Conn Smythe center yes. SJS doesn't have any of that, LAK could make a claim yes but they won on one of the best Cup runs ever. Not even Vancouver has those things.

It seems Chicago fans become blind due to a couple of bad games and a shotty contract to the idea of them being tweener/pretenders as opposed to stand out contenders. With a quality stopper like Lu the Hawks would most likely be able to score 5 a game because everyone would be playing to potential offensively since they know they'd get 92% of the saves from the Goalie.

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