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Originally Posted by Bert Marshall days View Post
Sales tax on what? Tickets? Concessions, parking? The article mentioned them. Is that number really significant enough to matter and be a difference maker? How has it been for the last 30 years? I heard nassau loses money on NVMC and that's with spending nothing on it for upkeep. It's why they don't care if NYI leave and are considering the biotech reserach stuff to replace it.

Prestige? After 4 cups what has nassau done to ensure prestige the last 30 years? Would that be the asbestos, leaky roof, burst pipes or something else?
I'm not talking about restoring the prestige or the problems with the building. I'm talking about the positive effects while the prestige was still in place. I'm talking about the benefits of having a successful local team and a local venue for events for that period of time. The last part of your post doesn't have anything to do with what I'm discussing.

The article mentioned a surcharge, not the benefits of sales taxes relating to the team. So that portion of the sales tax which goes to the County on anything Islanders related or brought in by the team existing doesn't appear to be entirely accounted for.

Did the team winning those cups and "putting Long Island on the map" have nothing to do with who moved out to Long Island? What businesses moved out to Long Island at that time? What investments moved out to Long Island? What about businesses moving to Nassau that realized it wasn't a rural area? (I'm not just discussing the area adjacent to NVMC.)

Look, the reason why Long Island sucks is the cost of living/doing business on land and, IMHO, the massive amounts of nerve poisons we've used over a serious amount of years.

I'm sorry, but that article really wasn't an accurate cost-benefit analysis of the County owning the NVMC and the Islanders being its main tenant. The article is missing far too much information. That was my point. And yes, related sales tax revenue to having a sports and entertainment complex and pro sports team within Nassau County is missing. The benefits to the populace of having the venue there is missing.


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