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Originally Posted by Chief Wiggum View Post
I like to be a leader for my team and be a good role model, so I usually try and help them out. An example is if he messes up and I see something he can work on, next time we're both on the bench I'll give him a tap and just give him some advice and tell him that he's working hard and he's doing a good job out there. As long as you're working your butt off, nobody can complain.
This has been my experience so far - lots of people helping out by giving specific pointers as to what I can do differently right then and there. It's very helpful to have someone say "wait at the blue line, I'll send you the puck, then pass it to me once I move down the center of the ice" or "keep both hands on the stick when fighting on the boards." Some things are easy to fix once attention is brought to them, and can have huge differences in the game!

I have to laugh about working my butt off - that's exactly why I picked up hockey in the first place. I'm trying to lose the baby weight from my youngest daughter (she's going to be 8 on Friday, so it's a little overdue). I was dreading going to the gym, it's just so dang BORING. Even Zumba got old after a while. But hockey, I love. Every game is different, and since I play with different leagues and drop-ins, I'm always up against different people with different skills and strengths. I never mind getting on the ice, and it burns a heck of a lot of calories. I wear my HRM and on a Sunday when I have practice and two games, it was something like 2200 calories burned. On average, I burn around 750 calories during a game, so I'm definitely 'working my ass off.' I've only been playing 3X/week since I got back from Hawaii in early July but I'm already seeing a difference in the way things are fitting, and my calves are turning into calves of steel. Not that that was my priority, but I'll definitely take it!

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