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Originally Posted by Crottenham View Post
Given the rise of some of the bigger franchises and their ensuing top-line revenue, it is again not surprising the unions now see an easy mark. With success comes increased scrutiny and unions have taken a beating generally in recent years in the greater economy; this membership drive is just another avenue to increase their own revenues.

If there are work stoppages in the future in junior hockey, pro scouting becomes even that much more difficult.

Development program or not, these kids are more or less employees. Perhaps the weekly stipend they currently get is immaterial, but factor in the accruing of the annual education package even as it is currently constituted and that is ultimately their remuneration.

It's going to be a whole new world going forward.
If the numbers are true and this union gets a cut of ticket sales/concession/tv rights/sales i am not sure how well this will look not just to the public but other unions.

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