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08-21-2012, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by SunshineRays View Post
Purely hypothetical. Keeping in mind the Nucks current roster and farm team assets, who would Canucks fans rather get: Bjugstad or Gudbranson?

I'm convinced Gillis wants Guds. Friedman stated 1 of the 6 players Gillis targeted in the Hodgson trade was Guds : 30 Thoughts
We also know Gillis has a history of going after specific players yr after yr until he gets them (Weise, Gragnani). The Canucks currently only have 7 d-men on the roster, but historically they've always kept 8. So unless he has a change in defensive philosophy, it's seems odd.

Personally, I'd rather have Bjugstad. Guds was a rookie last yr, but his underlying numbers were horrible. By horrible I mean he sunk like the titanic in easy waters. By comparison, Tanev has played fewer NHL games than Guds, but his underlying numbers were 5X better playing very difficult minutes.

So what do Nucks fans think?

I question Bjugstad's ability to play up to his size, and his ultimate upside. I don't see a mean streak in him. And it could be very important. That will to punish opponents. If Taylor Pyatt had an ounce of that...

Gudbranson has it. And while he may be struggling to find his way now, by the end, he should be a force. They're both great, but if I had a choice, Gudbranson would be the ticket. He will do everything he can to become better... That's internal drive few players have.

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