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!(Xbox)! HF HABS GM Connected - ** 1 opening (NJ). Must be active. Join now! **

This will be the thread for the Xbox Habs board GM connected league.

We currently have 30 GMs and will be accepting a few more on a stand-by list.

Anyone signing up should be acquiring NHL 13 in the first few days of release. We want this league to be up and running ASAP after the release, and waiting several weeks for any GM will result in replacing that GM with another GM that is ready to play.

For those that aren't familiar with GM connected, this will give you a good idea:

League name: HF Habs

This is the current lineup for the league:

Eastern Conference:

North East:

Boston Bruins - flavajay - Has joined in game
Buffalo Sabres - Dharvey33 - Has joined in game
Montreal Canadiens - kassian - Has joined in game
Ottawa Senators - adaboost - Has joined in game
Toronto Maple Leafs - happyhab - Has joined in game

South East

Carolina Hurricanes - x Eddie Z x- Has joined in game
Florida Panthers - YEMELIN74 (Division Rep) - Has joined in game
Tampa Bay Lightning - Tim Erixons Dad - Has joined in game
Washington Capitals - Vinny Bombatz - Has joined in game
Winnipeg Jets - Pksubban57- Has joined in game


New Jersey Devils - Sutto84- Has joined in game
NY Islanders - SteelCitySaviour - Has joined in game
NY Rangers - Dr Gonzo - Has joined in game
Philadelphia Flyers - pl4tinum - Has joined in game
Pittsburgh Penguins - Maverik - Has joined in game

Western Conference:


Calgary Flames - Felkov - Has joined in game
Colorado Avalanche - mixmastermatt - Has joined in game
Edmonton Oilers - MoltenGrog - Has joined in game
Minnesota Wild - Syck Frank (Division Rep) - Has joined in game
Vancouver Canucks - JESUS Price 89 - Has joined in game


Anaheim Ducks - Ichibani - Has joined in game
Dallas Stars - noexult - Has joined in game
LA Kings - jfrenaud11 - Has joined in game
Phoenix Coyotes - mchiasson - Has joined in game
San Jose Sharks - canadienshockey - Has joined in game


Chicago Blackhawks - Bud2790 (Division Rep) - Has joined in game
Columbus Blue Jackets - MiLLw00d - Has joined in game
Detroit Red Wings - NiWoTa - Has joined in game
Nashville Predators - Mrb1p - Has joined in game
St Louis Blues - Sshrags - Has joined in game

Reserve List:

The activity check is now over. Everyone that has either sent me a PM, or expressed interest in this thread have been added. The GM's that did not respond have been dropped. If you wish to remain in the league, but don't see yourself on the list, send me a PM. I will put you on the waiting list.

P.M. me if you have any questions, or add me to Xbox. My XBL is Doooms


- We will have a representative for each division. These reps will be on the trade committee and rules committee. They will be responsible for vetoing trades if need be, report any unsportsmanlike play in their division, and voting upon rules. If we need to replace a GM, the representatives will bring to the commissioners attention the reason why we should, or should not change them.

Here are the division reps:

Chicago Blackhawks - Bud2790 (Division Rep)
Minnesota Wild - Syck Frank (Division Rep)
Florida Panthers - YEMELIN74 (Division Rep)


NY Rangers - Dr Gonzo

- We strongly encourage activity. We are aiming for at least 30 games played per season. (30-50 split). If you cannot commit a reasonable amount of time to the league, you will be replaced.

- Trades can and will be overturned by the trade committee if they are deemed unreasonable, or unfair. We are limited to 6 trades per year. So please do not blow your wad in the first 24 hours. Do your best to make realistic trades.

- I will need you to send me your gamertag via PM.

If you disconnect (either by accident or on purpose) you HAVE to re-start the game at the score at the time of the disconnect. This is mandatory.

Trade thread:

The rules are not set in stone yet, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post them.

As for the team ratings, you can find the Eastern Conference ratings here:

Western Conference:

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