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08-21-2012, 09:15 AM
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there is 2 kinds of noobs, 1 that the good players dont mind having around and one they wish would leave.

the good noobs are the guys who love the game and are trying their hardest. the guys who play a simple game and are being good guys on and off the ice. my personal objective is to get them involved in the play and give them passes. I love being the guy who makes a play or 2 and then gives the noob guy a perfect pass he can score on. you want them to feel like part of the team, even if its just shinny so there is lots of shin taps and "nice work" from me.

the other kind of noob, that my hockey circle has coined the term noobtards or noobholes for is a different story. these are the noobs that slash and hook and trip play with their stick high and out of control. the noobs who try and lay body in shinny and worst of all they are the noobs that after a whistle are pushing and shoving because they saw it on TV one time.

as long as you arent one of those noobs than i welcome you on the ice anytime with me.

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