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12-04-2003, 07:29 AM
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Just so it's out there, Detroit didn't offer to pay a portion of his salary in training camp. That's a recently rumored proposal based on the fact that they can't find any takers. Cujo was never available for $2M for this year. It's not as if Clarke had the option of (Door #1) Hackett or (Door #2) Cujo at $2M. That's a best-case evaluation without consideration for how bad he's been on the ice.

The worst-case scenario is that there is hockey next year and they actually have to pay him! It would make Clarke dream of a shutdown. If a $40-odd million salary cap is put in place, does anybody want a guy with a questionable head (hasn't this franchise had enough of those?) making a fifth of the team's allotment for salary? Eek. With consideration for finances - not exactly an unreal consideration - there's no way since he signed his new contract that I would have wanted his salary. I would have preferred they go with just Esche and not sign Hackett than sign Joseph. I really don't have a personal distain for the guy (I don't even know him), but his on-ice ineffectiveness and large salary make him utterly unattractive to me as a make-believe general manager.

All things being equal, I don't think he's an upgrade over Hackett or to the club in general. If he was that much of an impact player, why are the Wings trying to send him to the minors? It's not because he has played well when the opportunity has presented itself. He's been atrocious. He can't supplant Legace or Hasek.

I feel an acquisition of Joseph would be a major step in the wrong direction for an organization that has a stable situation (finally).

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