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12-04-2003, 07:30 AM
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Lest we forget MacT's 90 point seasons....

Yes everyone LOVES to mention the 90 point seasons.

What they always forget to mention is the OTL "free point" that's been in effect since MacT's arrival.

The Oilers had 9 overtime LOSSES last season. That's 9 free points. So in the recent past that would have ACTUALLY been a 83 point season.

To reinforce........I am NOT a big Ron Low fan.........but didn't he have 81 points in the 1997 campaign? (80 points in the 98 campaign) That would be only 2 (and 3) points less the Oilers got last season.

Now I just know people will say, "Oh, but we had Doug Weight then".

Well we had an injured Weight in one of those 80 point seasons. The 1997 Oilers top 4 that season had a combined 259 points (Weight played 80 games), while last years top 4 had a combined total of 223. A difference of 36 points.

Like I said, I'm not a big Ron Low fan, but it just bugs me when people boast about the MacTs 90 point seasons. One of those seasons we missed the playoffs, meaning BOTTOM LINE.........8 other teams in our conference got MORE points. And THAT matters more than A 90 point season.

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