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12-04-2003, 07:33 AM
Harry Sinbin
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Originally Posted by Stock Rocks
Also- a quibble, but RANFORD was the throw-in player, not Geoff Courtnall!

Courtnall had 36 goals at the time of the trade and was leading all Bruins in that regard. HE, not Ranford was the centerpiece.

Not trying to throw water on what was a well thought-out and received post, but to say that Ranford was the key player and Courtnall was the throw-in at the time is simply revisionist history. Because Courtnall was quickly shipped to Washington (let's face it- there wasn't enough pucks for all those talented Edmonton forwards in '88 to include the budding Courtnall) and Ranford went on to earn another Cup and the '90 Conn Smythe Trophy, it looks like he was the key player.

Realistically- Grant Fuhr wasn't even 30 when the B's dealt Ranford, and because of Darryl Reaugh's struggles as Fuhr's backup, Sather got Billy as insurance for his no. 1 guy Fuhr. As it turned out, Fuhr's injury problems paved the way for Ranford's heroics in the '90 playoffs. But even then, Fuhr was the one who started in the '91 playoffs, not Ranford. Which leads me to believe that getting Ranford never was some master plan for Sather, but a move that ended up succeeding beyond his wildest dreams, much to the chagrin of B's fans, who like you said- probably had the solution to their goaltending issues here all along.
I would think that both Ranford and Courtnall were key factors in the deal. With Edmonton shipping out a goalie (even if he was holding out with the Olympic team and not on their roster (Why didn't Boston frown on acquiring a holdout in this case?)) I think it was important to the Oilers that they get a quality goaltending prospect back. And, of course, Courtnall was a key to the deal as his goal-scoring touch had come around by that point (32 goals at the time of the deal). The thing that irks me most is that Boston still got suckered in to throwing in the sweetener of a 2nd round drft pick to boot.

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