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Originally Posted by whuttheeperson View Post
I have lived in Vancouver most of my life, growing up in Kits and recently moving to mount pleasant/main st neighbourhood.

Kits is great but I am probably thinking of when it was an upper-middle class neighborhood when I was a kid, now it's become the go to place for yuppie types and that sort of young doucher crowd as opposed to the relaxed, laid back place I felt it used to be. I would probably still live there if it was cheaper though, due to its proximity to the beach, downtown and siegels bagels

However I love living on main st, you kind of trade the douches for the hipsters which can be quite annoying, I think the things that these groups have in common that I don't like is an arrogant attitude or a sense of unearned superiority, either material or intellectual. However, once you get past that I feel Vancouver is still a really friendly city and everyone is really polite, which I like. Mount Pleasant is amazing because of its proximity to QE Park, which is great if you like playing sports like myself whether its drop-in ball hockey, basketball, tennis or pitch and putt or taking advantage of the huge fields next to Nat Bailey. I never really went to Hillcrest community centre but they have indoor/outdoor pools and a gym and an ice rink. It's super easy to get anywhere in the city as you can take the 41 to metrotown, UBC and you can take the bus down Main to get DT really easily. Not to mention the cambie line is right there so you can quickly get DT or richmond. The rent is relatively cheap (to kits) and I was happy paying $600 for a room in a nice 4br house I share with some friends. You're only a quick walk from many bars and great restaurants on Main st. My bedroom also looks over the mountains.

I would really recommend living here to anyone who may want to move to Vancouver but can't afford to pay crazy prices like in Kits or False Creek.

As for all the people who didn't really like living in Vancouver. Please. Leave. Rent is too damn high anyway! It's not for everybody, obviously it lends itself to people who like outdoor activities and the 'arts community' may not meet your standards but I would say go to Montreal and talk about random abstract art all you please, i'll drive you to the airport.

Vancouver is a great place to live, you've got snowboarding and the Canucks to keep you happy during the Winter, the beautiful weather, beaches and surrounding nature in the summer, and hot girls all year round
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