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12-04-2003, 07:35 AM
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I have to agree with Lowetide on having Oates one of the last. As Miz said. Now and the future.

1.Hemsky-Brightest future
2.Brewer-One step forward; two back. Part of the learning curve
3.York-Most consistant forward
4.Semenov-Most potential after Brewer IMO
5.Staios-Best current dman, not expected to put up offensive numbers in the future.
6.Stoll-Younger than Reasoner, and looks to be the better player as well
7.Conklin-Take over for Salo once he is gone, has been good this season
8. Dvorak-Starting to find his grove, but not so young anymore
9.Bergeron-Powerplay QB of the future, and most scoring ability of the current defenceman
10.Reasoner-Best long term Center in terms of faceoff ability
11.Smyth-Currently the last player to get rid of, but I don't see a spot for him 5 years down the road.
12.Torres-A semi-instegator of which the Oilers have been lacking
14.Smith-Don't see him as being an Oiler for too much longer. Key player in the playoffs.
15.Pisani-Start stepping it up or your days are numbered son
16.Salo-Will come back and get the Oilers into the playoffs this season, but his contract could end up being a one way ticket out.
17.Cross-Reliable, yet slow as molasses. Getting up there in age as well.
18.Chimera-I see him being dealt with all of the LW's in the system.
(Anywhere from10-19.)Isbister-Potential is there. Power forwards take a while, but does he have the desire?
20.Horcoff-(Pouliot, Reasoner, Stoll, Niinimaaki) It was nice knowing you Horcoff
21.Oates-In this one season he will tutor the young guys therefore, contributing more than Ferguson or Laraque could ever dream of.
22.Ferguson-No defensive depth in the system. He is needed for the time being.
23.Laraque+Comrie-to be traded for some immediate help.

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