Thread: Team 1040: Gilman's on 1040 right now
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08-21-2012, 01:45 PM
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I just tuned in. So far Matt asked Gilman about Abbostford, and Gilman confirmed they are staying in Chicago for next year.

11:48-Mike Gillis likes Wine, Bicycles, and High End Mens Clothing

11:54- Kesler is coming along in rehab, no issues with club, disagreements with his agent is not a big deal

11:56 - Frank Corrado is developing faster than expected, club happy

12:10 - Explaining the general process of negotiating with a UFA, using Doan as an example. Nothing really new.

12:12 - Confirms Doan wants to stay in Phoenix IF Jamison buys the team, keeps them competitive and stay in Phoenix.

12:21 - Most difficult part of making a trade happen is making sure the cap hit works for both teams.

12:23 - Player salary mostly determined on a player to player basis. Sedins cap hit is not the upper limit of what could be offered as long as they fit within the structure of the team and don't inhibit the club from making the team better.

12:27 - Kesler hole likely to be filled from within the team, not going to bring in a UFA and throw them away when Kesler gets back.

12:37 - Gilman cheers for the Jets everyday except when they play the Canucks.

12:39 - Bitz not re-signed because of other players in the system. Confirms talks with Burrows, nothing more. Doesn't anticipate any issue with signing Lack sooner or later.

12:42 - Only coincidence the team doesn't draft more from the WHL, team focuses on positional needs and BPA from all around the world.

12:55 - Still looking for the holy grail statistical analytic. Investing lots of resources into that statistical analytics as a whole.

1:00 - Done

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