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12-04-2003, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by anon
What sickens me even more is that there are enough third rate cretins who actually buy into the drivel that is "reported" (ha!) and chant Ribeiro's name as if they were supporting a persecuted political prisoner and boo and revile Rivet or whoever else is the bad flavor of the day. These peanut-brained troglodytes should save their money on tickets, buy a clue, and stop blindly believing in everything they see and hear.
Yeah the Ribeiro chants were stupid.

I didn't agree with the decision Julien took because I was tired of those line shufflings and because I was tired of seeing this random benching but I must say that I was wrong. If he did it to set an exemple it was probably justified.

It was stupid to say that Ribeiro wouldn't play if Juneau was healthy though and I'm glad he still sat Ribeiro even though Juneau wasn't playing. It was about teaching a lesson, playing him despite what he said would have sent a wrong message.

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