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Originally Posted by Barrie22 View Post
i wouldn't care if samsonov paid the sharks 30 million dollars to play for them, he is useless at every aspect of a team game. he is a one trick pony which he is not even really good at to begin with.

there is a reason that samsonov has done nothing after his rookie season, it is because once teams started to take notes and teams started to take away his time and space he has no other skill other then stick handling. he is a horrible passer, his shot is average at best to, he doesn't have the size to hit, he doesn't have the size to hold onto the puck for possession.

i would take nash with any trade needed to get him (minus couture), then have samsonov on this team at 1 million a year. heck i would take semenov at forward before i would take samsonov.
Umm, who are you talking about?

97-98 22g 25a 47p in 82 games (rookie season)
98-99 25g 26a 51p in 79 games
00-01 29g 46a 75p in 82 games
01-02 29g 41a 70p in 74 games
05-06 23g 30a 53p in 74 games (split btw Boston and Edmonton)
08-09 16g 32a 48p in 81 games (playing partly on the 3rd line IIRC)

In 76 playoffs games of 7 seasons he has 18a, 29a, 47p for .62ppg. Even in 10-11, which he split btw Carolina and Florida, he was still a 40 point player. And that was despite playing 3rd-4th line (11-15 minutes per night) minutes in Carolina. Once he got to Florida and was playing top 6 minutes (17-21 minutes a night), in 20 games he put up 3g and 11a for 0.85ppg (on a new time with new line-mates to boot).

Samsonov is small and does not play a physical game. But if you think he's a terrible passer, you just haven't seen the guy play much. And "average" shots aren't usually ~20g per season players (if they have a fully healthy season). Heck, even in his injury-riddled seasons, of which there have been quite a few, Samsonov has gotten pretty close to 20 goals in most of them.

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