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08-21-2012, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Did you even read what I wrote? To say there were no players exactly like DD that got better proves nothing in itself. Anyways Martin St. Louis is the best example and a very good one. He's more an exception than a rule but Desharnais is already an exception himself, theres no need to deny that. To say Desharnais can't be a key player on the team because there are few undrafted 25 years old with 70 points season is like saying saying Chara can't be a star NHL defensemen because no 6'9'' slovakian defensemen were stars before him.

And there are hundreds of drafted players that turnout out to be nothing special. Draft rank doesn't mean **** once you know what a player is really made of and you need a few years to know that. If Desharnais was drafted he would have made the NHL earlier (no ECHL stint) and would have likely scored more last year because he would have been an experienced NHLer instead of a rookie. When I say Desharnais can and probably will be better next year I'm not saying he's going to win the Art Ross but he might score a few more points, or perhaps he will be a more effective two way player or both. I said all that earlier. I doubt he'll be a perennial 70pt scorer (maybe he'll do it once in the right circumstances), there are very few 70pt scorers in the league today. He might get 55 to 65 yearly for a while tho and that would be very nice for us.
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