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08-21-2012, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Vaasa View Post
I don't think he'll hit 70+ points. But if he both A) Stays healthy all season, and B) plays in the Sharks top 6 all season, I think he'll hit 50 points for sure. If he does both of those I would put him at probably 58-65 points, depending on who his line-mates are.

I think he would thrive on a SS - Marleau - Havlat 2nd line. If they did that, I think he puts up 18-22 goals, and probably 35-45 assists. If he got put on a line with JT, I think he's probably going to scrape in at just over 50 points.
I just don't think he'll have enough game left in him, especially after not playing hockey at ALL last year, to be a top-6 player.

Also: even in a hypothetical scenario in which we assume he didn't miss an entire year of hockey, who would he be knocking out of San Jose's top-6? Clowe? Havlat? I'll take both of those guys ANY day over Samsonov, and twice on Sunday.

I like Samsonov and all, but a realistic best case scenario is that he returns to the NHL, his conditioning hasn't been at all affected by his year's sabbatical away from hockey, he still has some skill, and he can be a 30-ish-point guy on the 3rd line with a couple weeks on the 2nd line once the inevitable Havlat groin injury hits... and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. The guy is 34 and was out of hockey last year. I think that's a very respectable goal.

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