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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I just don't think he'll have enough game left in him, especially after not playing hockey at ALL last year, to be a top-6 player.

Also: even in a hypothetical scenario in which we assume he didn't miss an entire year of hockey, who would he be knocking out of San Jose's top-6? Clowe? Havlat? I'll take both of those guys ANY day over Samsonov, and twice on Sunday.

I like Samsonov and all, but a realistic best case scenario is that he returns to the NHL, his conditioning hasn't been at all affected by his year's sabbatical away from hockey, he still has some skill, and he can be a 30-ish-point guy on the 3rd line with a couple weeks on the 2nd line once the inevitable Havlat groin injury hits... and honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. The guy is 34 and was out of hockey last year. I think that's a very respectable goal.
Probably the whole idea of potentially adding someone like Samsonov is to get the Sharks 3 scoring lines and moving Marleau off of JT's wing and back to center. So something like:

Wingels - JT - Pavelski
SS - Marleau - Havlat
Clowe - Couture - Galiardi / Burish / Sheppard / Kennedy
McLaren / Mashinter / Galiardi / Handzus - Desi / Handzus - Burish / Desi / Sheppard / Kennedy

The Sharks have to ton of guys who can fill a 4th-line role. But they really need to get enough talent to create a higher-end 3rd scoring line. With Clowe and Couture they have that.

It's not perfect, and I'm not even saying it's likely. But adding Samsonov to a 3rd-line role doesn't work well with someone like Handzus as the 3rd-line C. SS will only be really effective in a scoring-line role with players who compliment his capabilities. The Sharks have 2 guys who should mesh with his playing style VERY well in Marleau and Havlat. I just don't know if he'll make the team, and if he does, if the coach would be willing to move Marleau.

Personally, I think the only way the Sharks stand a serious chance to win the Cup in their remaining window is move Marleau down to 2C with Havlat and probably Couture to 3C with Clowe (they have strong chemistry) and finding players who complement those sets a 1st line LW, 2nd line LW, and 3rd line RW).

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