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08-21-2012, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by turbodaze View Post
When can I catch a puck that's in the air? When it's lobbed? But I can't catch a slapshot right.

Can someone emphasize the hand on puck penalty?

How often should I tape my stick up?

How often does someone break their stick like the % probability?
You can catch a puck whenever, as long as you drop it right down to your stick. If you want to catch a slapper, go for it, but you shouldn't. Let the goalie do it. You trying to catch a shot might deflect into the net.

Hand on puck is closing your hand on it.

Use common sense when taping the stick. If it has lots of tears in it, or is wearing out on the bottom, do it. Not every time you're on the ice.

Sticks breaking are rare, but It depends on lots of things. What level you play at, Your flex/strength, amount of slappers/slapper form. Or if some dick slashes it hard. It won't break too much.

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