Thread: Speculation: Jets history to re-unite
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08-21-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
Speculation or proposal, I can't decide which this could be but really, it doesn't matter. Let's say that TNSE decided that it wanted it's history back, more importantly the Jets history.
Let's also say that with the coming CBA there may be concessions to be had, or should I say franchises.

Remember the Gund brothers, they who owned the North Stars, merged with the Cleveland Barons. There was also the Sharks created out of some of the players from the old Stars before goiing to Dallas. Too many facts to write them all in order here but you get the idea.

So, Phoenix folds, Winnipeg buys half the team and pays the NHL the debt they are owed plus interest, the interest gives them 6 palyers to choose. The rest go to Toronto and form the nucleus of the 2nd GTA franchise the Markham Waxers who pay 400 million and are owned by Thompson.

Quebec City is awarded a draft priority staus with it's new franchise and selects 3 players from the folded Blue Jackets and Panthers. The remaining players go into the entry draft next June and hockey begins next September after the sweeping changes.

I hope it all gets done next Month but somehow I doubt it.

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So what 6 Coyotes do we select, which 6 do we release to stay under the 50 allowed as roster maximum & does it fit under the cap?

If we're paying all the debts + interest why are we only getting 1/2 the team?

It's the fact that Bettman wants the team to stay in Phoenix that makes them a hard sell. If it were a buy & move the NHL could get a very good price. The group proposing building the arena in Markham would probably pay expansion $s + to land a playoff team rather then start from scratch.

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