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12-04-2003, 07:56 AM
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The problem with out power play and penalty kill aare the exact same. We don't skate. Simply put here is the issue (look at last night's 5 on 3 for an example.

we setup our 5 people all around the outside (no one infront of the net, but that is a separate point) and pass it around until someone loses patience and takes a low percentage chance shot from the blue line or a bad angle. we never moved once we just passed it around. All the wild had to do was stay put and take away any cross ice passing lanes and the PP was killed. If we skate with the puck on the PP then the defenders have to move to to keep their assignments. That creates what I like to call "openings" , you know, ones we can pass through? By staying mobile and quickly throwing it around the ice the defenders can't cover everyone and someone misses an assignment sometime. then we can get some cross ice passes going. Like the kind Vancouver scores on all the time. It you give any goalie in the NHL a good view of the puck and time to set himself positionally then they will make the save everytime. That is why cross-ice one-timers are so effective (that is where we really miss Carter as much as I hate to say it).

Same with the PK - skate and pressure the puck handler - don't just sit there and let them throw it around, force them to pass quicker then they want to, not have time to get it to the open guy. USE YOUR SPEED DAMN IT!!!! IT IS YOUR BEST ASSET AND YOU AREN'T USING IT FOR EVERY PP AND PK.

At least that is my thoughts.

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