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Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
He needs to be put with the proper complimentary players to be effective. But he has that with G and jake. They are both going to be even better this year, and hartnell with be there to do the dirty work for them. Though as much as I enjoy the hartnell down thing, it would be nice if he didn't fall down so much, it's embarrassing.
The way I see it, based on his past line duties and the results, is that it is actually the other way around... He was on a line with Carter and Lupul that was white hot until friendly fire (IIRC) injured Loops... After off-ice marital problems derailed both his and Briere's seasons they were united and with Leino and they had nothing short of a fantastic PostSeason run that helped the Flyers reach the Cup Final, and again the next season when they were the Top Line... Last season upon Leino's signing with Buffalo, and after a bad start he joined Giroux and Jagr to form the Top Line, and arguably one of the best in the NHL over the course of the season. In each case it can be argued that Hartnell was the piece that was the catalyst and did the dirty grunt work that allowed the dancers to dance. Hartnell has been on successive hot lines over the course of his five seasons as a Flyer -- and has missed no more than two games in a season and playing two full 82 game seasons as well as every GameSeason game in the process -- I believe that he is the complimentary player that helps make the other talented players play to their best level... He is a true Power Forward that drives top scoring lines, based on what I've seen the past few seasons... and why Homer sought him out when the team was retooled, and why he gave him a second six year contract.

As for his falling down... I believe that is a product of how he plays and a sign of his all out effort, and I have no problem with it. In fact, I love how he turned it around into a money maker for charity... Hardly embarrassing in my eyes.

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