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Originally Posted by IslesGM View Post
I voted 94. My heart.

Being a Canucks fan in MTL, after the miracle run of 93 for the Habs was unbearable. 30habs fans and me in a class. Brutal.

then the 94 run began. My Mom's friend was over (used to be an olympic athlete) and was chirping. St Patrick this, and St. Patrick that. Canucks had just gone down 3-1 to the Flames. I got mad (I was 12) and told her that by the next time she was over, the Canucks would be playing for the Cup, and the Habs would be on the golf course.

I stayed up late for every game, and the 3 OT wins were classic. Game 7 was enthalling. the McLean toe save. Still the greatest save of all-time.

The Habs lost in 7games (appendicitis for Patty Roy).

To this day, when I watch game7 94, I always think we are going to win. that 3rd period makes it seem impossible that we won't. the Sens game last year was very similar. Baddddd memories.

The next time Ann was over, sure enough, was game7 of the Cup final. She took one look at me in my unwashed Jersey, and hat, and she instantly remembered. Her mind = blown!

That game is still the greatest hockey game I have ever seen (2011 game7 vs Blackhawks is close and so is 2010 GOLD). IF not for the first iffy penalty call, we might have had OT. and if Lafayette had scored, we would have probably won and got to watch big bay Messier cry. **** I hate that guy. Next time he does a "day with the cup" I am gonna show up and throw Lays potato chips at him.

Needless to say. The current team may be better all around, and I love them for the hockey they play, the beautiful passing, the skill, the dominance. But man, that 94 team is still the team that gets you. When you watch that game7 and see them cry, man does it break your heart. Against the best team money can buy and all odds (most called for a sweep).

Then we we had that unbeatable team (when healthy anyway), somehow it didnt work out that way. Funny how the NHL works like that since Gary was here, huh?

All this to say. Love the guys we have now, and I want our rightfully deserved Cup (we have a history of horrible losses like the RedSox, but we're reviled like the Yankees..thanks Media and Edmonton/Calgary), but if that 94 team had won, I would have been the happiest little boy in all of Quebec that day, and that entire year!

IF you grew up now, go on youtube and watch ALL of game7 of the 94 finals. WOW! What a game!
1994 we lost game one against Toronto. Game 2 I was drinking in the Langley Hotel and seated at the bar. A couple seats away from me was a Leafs fan. I don't remember exactly how the score went as the game progressed but we were down 1 or 2 goals and this guy was chirping the hell out of the bar full of Canucks fans when the Leafs were up. They had won game one and he was feeling pretty cocky with a lead in game 2.

So we tie the game up (or go up by one - can't recall) and lo and behold who do I see in the can when I go in to take a leak; the same guy who was chirping us is doing his business. I pretended to start doing mine because I could sense an altercation coming on and I didn't want to be "unprepared". So he glances over at me and sees me with a huge grin on my face and says, "What's so funny?" I asked him if he was starting over by laying more eggs in the urinal because he apparently lost count of his chickens. I don't think he got it though - he just looked confused.

I've been dreaming about Snickers since day one, out here on this island - and, we got Snickers.
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