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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
This is simply false.

Scouting is scientific method, testing hypotheses with repeatable experiments.

A player is identified as having NHL potential - the hypotheses. Then he evaluated on the required skills. The the scouts goes to the laboratory to evaluate the player in various repeatable situations = experiments.

More specifically a 17 year old center will be watched and evaluated against different systems within his league, outside his league, internationally. Then the process is repeated later in the season to see how he progressed, if he made the necessary changes in his game, approach. Likewise the evaluations are made on an individual bases. How he plays against older players,same draft year, younger players. How he plays against drafted or non-drafted skaters, goalies, how he plays in various situations,PP,PK, end of game,etc. How he plays against opponents. in specific match-ups - vs LHS/RHS dmen or checks, etc.

On going laboratory experiment situations that are repeatable, recorded, evaluated and applied to the hypotheses.
you do not understand what the scientific method is do you?

I don't know exactly what it is either but it is conducting experiments under controlled circumstances to see if similar, or exact results can be achieved.

Observing players in any sports game is not controlling or accounting for any of those factors.

Shift by shift, game by game season by season man so many different variables.

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