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08-22-2012, 02:23 AM
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I'd say Sharks. This might be my bias speaking, but I've always seen the ANA-LAK rivalry as forced by the fans, based solely on proximity. Neither team has been competitive at the same time as the other (except for 2010-11) and there have been no playoff series between the two. I see the SoCal media hype it up, then not much passion on the ice. The fights between the two teams have mostly been because the both usually tend to ice enforcers. San Jose has been a contender at the same time as the Ducks, and there has been a playoff series between the two franchises, Most Sharks fans hate Selanne (from my experience here they usually accuse him of driving around like a 'vaginal cleansing bag' and spending money everywhere, rather than trying to play hockey, all while conveniently ignoring his multiple knee injuries), one of the most likeable players in the NHL, and want our team to finish last in the NHL every year.

I severely dislike the Kings. I wish them no success at all, and I want their team to flounder in mediocrity, being neither good enough to make the playoffs nor bad enough for a good draft pick, but none of this compares to my hatred of the Sharks. I hat eht eWings as well, they are undoubtedly yht Ducks' #1 playoff rival, but the Sharks impact the season-season standings far more often, so I gave them the edge. Also I live in San Jose, and OMGWTFBBQBIAS.

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