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08-22-2012, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
actually is does as it was the Question I asked : UNDRAFTED, 25 years old in their first full season, at least one 70+ season...

since a lot of you seems to be so sure he'll keep developping some more, that he'll keep improving a whole lot...

and while you seems to think it's so damn easy, you managed zero that fits the criteria in your list...

the closest you found is Borrows who had one 60 pts season...

so, to my Q : undrafted, 25 yo in first full season, at least one 70+ pts season we're back to Jean Beliveau -> approx. 60 years ago...

and yet people are so sure he'll keep improving, some here even think he'll be a PPG soon... huh, based on what?

yeah, it's possible it happens, could even happen next season... but "being sure of it" ? come on now...
Im sure of it. Like I was sure he'd make the NHL and very few believed me.

There's only two players who I thought were sure things that didn't make the NHL. Stejskal (who still has a chance) and Aubin (boy was I way wrong lol) ... There are others like Ryan White who I got behind while everyone else was behind Maxwell ... But I have never been so sure of a non-1st rounder in my life.

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