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Tuesday Papers

Tuesday, August 21st Jets, ECHL, CBA and General NHL news

Jets news:

Jets official site: Aiming higher in second season. Includes a video of E.J. Hradek giving his assessment of last season and what might be expected this upcoming year. He doesn't expect the Jets to get over the playoff line in the short term.

Winnipeg Free Press: Think-tank – spread it around, NHL. Not a surprising position to take. As an aside, I would like to know where all the experts are from last season who claimed to know that Winnipeg couldn’t be a money maker.

ECHL Affiliate news – Colorado Eagles:

Northern Colorado: Eagles bringing two goalie prospects to camp. Looks like the Eagles have found two very nice goalie prospects for their camp.

CBA news:

Dallas Morning News: If players’ strategy is small changes to current system, they have to be prepared to outwait owners. While many players are millionaires, it would be difficult to outlast billionaires. Will the players blink first?

Globe and Mail: NHL Stickhandles through a new media world. Great read on the new reality of life for the NHL and the players. Fans have a lot more of a voice than they ever have before.

The Province: Money is only language NHL owners understand. Like the old Abba song ‘Money, money, money, Always sunny, In the rich man’s world”. The power of the green is what motivates the owners.

Sportsnet: Panthers cancel rookie camp. We will be seeing a lot more of this in the coming weeks.

Edmonton Journal: Winter Classic may play a role in possible NHL lockout. You can afford to lose the All-Star game but no chance the league wants to chance losing the Winter Classic.

Washington Post: Labor dispute may be ‘worse than you think it is’. A statement fans never want to hear.

NHL news:

FS Detroit: Red Wings, Kings engage in minor twitter war. Reminds me of the time Patrick Roy and Jeremy Roenick got into it. Love that the Kings twitter is not bland.

Delaware County Times: Hartnell happy to carry on with Flyers. He is the face of the franchise and is a great leader on the team. Good for the Flyers to lock him up long term.

Ottawa Citizen: Stop changing rules in the NHL. Humans love to tinker and the NHL continues to play with the rules in hoping of perfecting the game.

Toronto Star: Markham arena partner casts doubt on project’s viability. When trying to put a project of this size together a united front is needed to project that image of the strength of your idea. If one of the guys on the inside is casting doubt about the viability, it bears noting.

USA Today: Veteran Mike Fisher signs two-year extension with Predators. His wife must sure be happy that they will be in ‘Music City’ for another couple of seasons.

Other hockey news:

Waterloo Record: Junior hockey players forming union. Some interesting ideas from this fledgling and not yet born entity. Do you like the idea of a Union for Jr. players?

For the Jets, CBA and General NHL news click here.

CFL Report:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news.

Illegal Procedure: A season on the brink. Joey Elliott Directs the Bombers to the Win Column.

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