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08-22-2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Realize View Post
Hi there,

just searched around the forum and .. correct me but, is it possible that we don't have a wallpaper thread for the new year?

I wish that I could do anything with photoshop to create my own ones (as I would enough time to do it, but do not have any experiance and skills).

So, does anyone from you have made already new wallpapers from players?
I, personally, like "neutral" team wallpaper much more than player wallpaper, so I'd be really appreciated if you guys which more skill then me could post some.

As I dind't find it from TBL right now, would someone of you be able to do something like that from Tampa :

When I search google for pictures of any NHL team, there are many really cool ones, but it seems that nearly only Tampa has just "boring" ones :-(
So - any creative guys here ?
It's different, but I can do something like this with the boxes.

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