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08-22-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by ot92s View Post
Three people who try to use statistics to predict human action went hunting...

they came across a deer. The first shot but missed by a yard left. The second shot and missed by a yard right. The third threw down his rifle and yelled, "We got him."
That's not how it works. The statisticians don't go hunting, they observe hunters going on a hunt.

Originally Posted by ot92s View Post
I reject your standard scientific approach of relying upon empirical observation in the study of sports, and instead, favor the use of logical analysis, a logic which is influenced by Immanuel Kant's analytic–synthetic distinction.
I'm not sure 1) how your "logical analysis" looks like and 2) how it is supposed to be inspired by the distinction between analytic and synthetic. Care to explain?

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