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Originally Posted by Tyler Myers View Post
I have grown up in Markham... TBH I don't see why its Hamilton vs Markham... Southern (mod edit) Ontario is a place that can support more than 2 teams... just look at the two teams in NY and NJ...
... yes I agree Tyler, it shouldnt be a case of one or the other, it should be both, and if it was my call, Id be planting teams in Markham & Hamilton simultaneously. BAM!. Just get it done in one fell swoop. Markham & the NorthEastern section of the GTA will absolutely support en masse' an NHL franchise, insuring the viability of the arena, creating an interesting & exciting rivalry with the Leafs, Hamilton & to a lesser extent Ottawa & the rest of the Canadian teams.

Hamilton too, with well over 2.5 million++ people & a sizeable corporate base from Oakville to Guelph & K/W is an absolute no brainer, again with only positive natural rivalries with Markham & Toronto, creating a bridge, the missing link in a Southern Ontario vs. Buffalo rivalry which really since 1970 & the Sabres entry into the league hasnt gelled with the Leafs. Expansion Fee's would arrive unencumbered, with indemnification fee's for the Leafs & Buffalo (from Hamilton). Relocation by an existing team would be my last resort in terms of filling one of the 2 open spots in Southern Ontario, but if a buyer & home cant be found for whichever franchise does need to relo, then just get it done.

Should be noted that Im a Leafs fan, and Im a Contractionist. Fact of is thats just not going to happen, the leagues not about to fold teams. Fix what we've got with 30 & expand further by 2-4 teams over the next decade.

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