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08-22-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Quick adding, I think I have the following stats, in case someone wants to compare. With only 1 regular pick left, I guess I don't care about my drafting strategy being released anymore.

Goals: 312, Assists: 460, Points: 772

I'm expecting more in the assists and points areas. Schenn, Carle, Gilbert, and Quincey will be getting significantly more ice time. I expect improvements from Sutter, Morrow, Roy, and Berglund. I chose worst-case-scenario type players because they'd be steals when returning to form. I think any team could beat me any week in these areas, but players are generally streaky here so I didn't worry about it.

+/-: -16, PPP: 84

I avoided choosing too many players from the same team because I could lose the +/- category in a week if some of my teams get litten up. The +/- category varies so much each week, I didn't want to focus on it.

I'll obviously improve PPP because most of my picks will see increased ice time. This is a controllable stat if people are choosing top 4 defensemen and top 6 forwards. That's all I cared about. Not 100 point potential rookies or anything like that.

FOW: 2633, GWG: 43

I don't know if clutch, GWG players perform the same year after year, so I didn't focus on it. FOW however, can easily be won if you choose the right wingers on the right teams and you're deep down the middle. I'm probably not the best in this category because some teams are stacked down the middle. Still, I'll come away in this area some weeks.

Hits: 1825, Blocks: 1275

I focused here because they're dependable stats. Players don't become soft or aggressive all of a sudden, and it's not really a streaky stat. I wanted 2 of 14 categories guranteed every week.

Wins: 59, Losses: 38, GAA: 2.32, Sv%: 0.922, SO: 10

Another area to focus on. Winning teams win, and strong defensive teams comes with good goalie stats. If I win 3 categories each week because of goaltending, I'm playing better odds.

In summary, most of these stats simply vary. Players are streaky, teams are streaky. It's a roll of the dice every week. I wanted to help my odds by choosing consistent, non-risk players that perform well in non-streaky stats. I don't think I'll win by dominating 14 categories to none, but I should come away with 5 categories at least each week, while I'll let the streaky odds help or hurt my favour. Since I only need another 2 categories to tie each week, my odds are pretty good I think.

I also calculated my salaries. 76.691 million, including bench and not including Evander Kane's unknown salary. I didn't look at salaries out of fear I'd subconciously choose cheap guys
Wow, when you break it down into such detail, I can see why everyone thinks your team is so painfully average

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