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04-29-2006, 09:55 PM
Anthony Mauro
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Originally Posted by KasparKrunch
place was totally electric. i'd say 92 percent ranger fans there. fans were really into it after orty goal...after jagr was injured we chanted MVP. not sure if they showed on NBC but at end of the game fans got a salute from rangers and lundqvist gave his stick away. i got a water bottle. players looked really upset.
Same here. The Garden was amazing after that Orts goal but was devastated after the second Devil's goal(I'd even say they were after the first). I was in the section that threw the balloons over after the anthem, it was a fun atmosphere up there in 427. During warmups Orts had something extra, a different pep that made me think he was gonna get one. This had to be a great learning experience for Prucha, because he certainly wasn't ready for these PO's. He was a totally different player than in the regular season; tentative, nervous with the puck, just shaken overall. Toots got the best workout I think and should be a beast next year. Something tells me Ward would've been someone great to have in the PO's, too bad. I look forward to keeping him around. Is there some way Malik and Rozsival can disappear entirely? I'm getting fed up with them. Its easy to see Kaspar's worth to this team, the entire D was calmer b/c of him( and OZO's lack of presence). Where was the Hossa in this game the entire year? He wasn't half bad. No hands, but could atleast hang onto the puck and circle around a bit. Betts needs to bulk up please. He's a decent player, but he bounces off of every check he tries to throw. If Nylander actually tried to physically hurt someone with his anger rather than the glass with his stick we'd be less soft haha. Rucchin didn't give us much at all. Rucinsky was even less visible, adios. And damn, there's nothing that gets me more happy than watching Straka go 110 percent and laying the wood. I love that man. Its only been one year, but he's earned his right to be True Blue.

It was sad to see us go out on Rozsival's stupidity, Lundqvist's minor faltering, and just no luck. Posts...

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