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Originally Posted by The Dark Passenger View Post
Got a question for you guys, hopefully one of you is really good at Excel. My boss wants me to make a spreadsheet where there are 6 columns, with the value of each column in the header row of that column (see below for example), and they want the last column to be an autosum (that final column should be merged, that is where the autosum would be located). So for example, the table would look like this:


Each row would only have 1 X. So, using the above table, each X represents that number value at the top of the column. So in that example, the autosum value should be 10. So my question is this: is there a way to get those X's to autosum in the TOTAL category? Or do you have to use numbers only for autosum to work?

Not sure if this is possible or not but any help is greatly appreciated.
If 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 is in cells A1 to G1 with H being total...
Try this formula

A1 to G1 are your numbers. The first 1 says to look at Row 1, which is obviously the 1-6. Match looks for the "X" in the row with the X's.

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