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08-22-2012, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
I find it difficult to understand why you keep repeating the same song despite having been tuned out. Do you believe you are going to convince Coyotes fans that all hope is lost and there never was any to begin with? Get serious.
There is not one shred of evidence that GJ has the money to buy this team. All that exists is hearsay from the partisan voice of none other than Gary Bettman! Otherwise, no outside source has EVER confirmed the existence of his funds. All along he has been GB`s straw man presented to Glendale and anyone else gullible enough to hear his claims of largesse. His proposed ownership structure does not lend itself to the present day needs of todays NHL clubs! Never once has he enunciated his plans for the future cash needs of this franchise, which will be considerable. Based solely on the financial history of this organization and the failed bids of previous suitors it would not be out of the ordinary to see this bid fail as well. Under capitalized sports owners do not last long, he is playing in an arena with every owner a billionaire and capable of sustaining years of losses this does not seem to be the case with GJ! But then again, he has said virtually nothing, ask yourself why? He no longer has anything to be concerned with, GWI disappeared long ago and any other sources of discontent have gone away including the naysayers on the city council. Why have they all disappeared? because they all know this deal will never be consummated and is no longer worth their time in fighting it.

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