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08-22-2012, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
For as bad as he is, the team will be able to get by with him playing 15 games. Problem is, you need a backup that can come in and keep the team afloat if the starter goes down for a significant period of time.

Leighton has proven that he can't do that. He's proven that hes a bad NHL goaltender. Period. Anyone saying otherwise has a learning disability or doesn't have eyes.

If Bryz goes down this season, the Flyers won't make the playoffs.
He has? If anything, he's proven the opposite. Unfortunately he let in some awful goals on a stage that he's not made for and everyone feels that overwrites what he accomplished in the regular season. It's a tad bit sensationalistic.

I'm quite sure the Flyers WOULDN'T have made the playoffs if it wasn't for Leighton. If I recall, he came in during the West Coast trip that season, when the team couldnt score ****ing goals. Leights kept every game close, whether we won it or lost it, he gave them a chance to win.

Now as a preface, and I've said this dozens of times...the defense played at a ridiculous level with Leighton behind them, and I truly believe BECAUSE he was behind them. I've never seen defense like the Flyers played in that last 1/3rd of the season. But Leights stopped the pucks he needed to stop to allow the team to succeed...until the Final.

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