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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
Thank you. This is very helpful. I noticed from your post that you're from Toronto - so is being part of a "school" in Russia the same as playing for, say, the Marlboros through their different levels of hockey?

How do you end up on an MHL team - do you just go to who ever takes you or is there some sort of draft?
I've heard of the Malrboros, but I'm not very familiar with their system. I would think that it may be similiar, but the practice / games ratio would be vastly different of a traditional Russian hockey school to any NA organizations. Especially at younger ages.

There is no Draft to get into MHL. Simple tryouts from local schools, or invitees from others. The coach selects the players. Unfortunately on some teams, some spots can be bought by parents or politics. These players usually speak for themselves with their poor stats and don't make it further than MHL. Having said that, coaches usually won't turn down clearly talented players.

To a much smaller extent, some teams in Toronto and probably Canada are big boys clubs and their sons have an easier time getting on the team. Although it's really miniscule problem compared to the corruption in Rus jr leagues.

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