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08-22-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Zitter63 View Post
I love a good conspiracy theory as well but you need to realize the league wouldn't talk to a guy that didn't have the means to go through with the deal. I might as well call up GB and throw my name in the hat and get my name in the papers for a couple months if they don't actually check to see if you have money. I find this whole stupid situation a joke and emotionally draining on myself and true yote fans but to think GB has just be stringing us along for a high one is just ridiculous. I will admit that i find it strange they talk about him being a few mil short when any business owner knows that you need alot more capital than just the asking price, but your hatred for GB and/or GJ has you sounding like a delusional leafs fan. Unless you have any credible evidence of a GJ failure, i suggest you leave us hopefuls to talk amongst ourselves...... go find a JFK or Area 51 board
So where is the money, and why has the deal not closed after a full year of negotiations?

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