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Originally Posted by The Exiled One View Post
If you can be under contract with an NHL team and get paid to play in the league, you are a professional. If there are professionals in the league, it is a professional league.
Originally Posted by The Exiled One View Post
Again, I'm not defending NCAA rules. However, Padulo (though professional in the NCAA's eyes) is not being compensated to appear in the USHL. This is the same justification the NCAA uses to allow college players to participate in the WJC without losing their eligibility.
So from your 2 quotes I take that your contradicting yourself. Which is it?

As for the Union... Do the players really want this? They will now have to be taxed on their income and Revenue Canada maybe looking at some sort of back payment for the "under the table" stipends these kids are getting as well.

Will an AP player that gets called up have to pay union dues?

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